It all started with a video game.... believes a bow tie can change the world by selling edgy stylish handmade Bow ties made with recycled material sourced from some very unconventional places, such as your dad's closet, as well as clothing donated by celebrities, musicians and famous athletes! The best part is that for every bow tie we sell we give $4 for educational justice to support the next generation of young leaders in third world countries by supporting and featuring non-profits. is the brain child of 12 yr old young entrepreneur Gabriel Justice Michael Viggers from Redding CA (and his dad’s branding ideas) who has a passion for building a business and helping other kids achieve their dreams. has a full line of bow ties made from different materials ranging from wool to leather to cotton and even basketball jersey material. Whatever the occasion adding a JusticeBows bow tie to your accessories is always the cool thing to do.

Who is Gabriel Justice?